"May I become at all times, now and always: Protector of those who have no protection. Leader of those who have lost their way. Ships that can not cross the oceans. Bridge for irreversible rivers. Shelters for those who run the risk. Kindle for those who have no light. A haven for those who need shelter. And servant of those who need help. "Buddhist Prayers

About WWC

Our vision is to create a world where women and children live ...

Our values

We are independent, courageous and creative. We work with ...

Our mission!

Empower women, aiming at economic and social prosperity.

Help, WWC

How does my donation help? Your donation will support our vital work to end violence against women. Your generosity helps to develop and expand our preventive work,

Our products

Did you know that WWC cakes are much more than just a sweet food? That is true. Each box helps you buy unique and amazing experiences for women and girls who are wonderful at the Center for Women's Wellness.

About the Center for Women's Wellness

Women's Wellness Center (WWC) is a non-governmental organization working in the Pec region. Center for Women's Wellness Center (WWC) was opened in November 1999 in collaboration with the women of the local community to ensure a safe and confidential environment in which women, the violence survivors in the family can receive counseling on health needs, social, educational, psychological, legal and social.

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WWC has organized a three-day professional training in Pec

QMG organizon trajnim profesional rreth keshillimit QMG ka organizuar trajnim profesional tre ditorë në Pejë, me institucionet përkrahëse te cilat trajtojnë te mbijetuarat e dhunës dhe u çertifikuan: Trauma dhe çrregullimet traumatike. Dhuna dhe arsyet e paraqitjes së dhunës në

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WWC Photogallery

Some photos of our activities!

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Please contact us for any questions about the Women's Wellbeing Center at our contact below or write to us by filling out the contact form,

Women's Wellness Center is part of the Step Up campaign!

Qendra për Mirëqenien e Gruas është anëtare e WAVE