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About us
We are a source of refuge for thousands of women and children who experience domestic violence in the Pec region.
Women's Wellness Center offers support and services for housing and education, advocacy and leadership to form a nonviolent future for women and children.
Our work focuses on the identification of social, economic, cultural, political and legal that have critical implications for those affected by domestic violence, oppression and discrimination.

The name of the account holder: Center for Women's Wellness

Address of the account holder: RKS-Kosovo; Peje; 30000  MAJA E ZEZE 12 qershori;16
iBAN account code: 1130062827000156
Name of Bank: ProCredit Bank

Bank Address: Mother Theresa Boulevard no. 16, Pristina 10000 Kosovo

We accept donations of unwanted cell phones, clothing or household items, which send survivors of domestic violence.

Throughout the year, we rely on enthusiastic and passionate volunteer for the elimination of domestic violence and we need your skills!

Tell family, friends and colleagues about our work and through our Facebook page and shperndali our news web site. Organization of various events and other events are also great ways to raise awareness about the issue of domestic violence, while also helping us to collect funds for our valuable work.

How does my donation help?
Your donation will support our vital work to end violence against women. Your generosity helps to develop and expand our prevention work, which includes programs in schools, jobs and the wider community together with initiatives to engage youth, advocacy, community support and training programs. With your donation we can help to stop this devastating issue that destroys families, communities and health. We can build happier and safer homes, to highlight the positive role modeling and educate our children so that future generations do not experience the same issue.

Thanks for your support!

Help the victims in many ways:
You can help to increase support for victims, survivors and service providers.
Here are ways to support safe home against Domestic Violence and to make a difference in someone's life that has experienced domestic violence.

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