Training WWC

We are a source of refuge for thousands of women and children who experience domestic violence in the Pec region. Women's Wellness Center offers support and services for housing and education, advocacy and leadership to form a nonviolent future for women and children.

The Center for Women's Wellness


WWC Safe House department has training and information against domestic violence and provides technical assistance, training and support for social services and other community-based organizations and businesses throughout the Pec region. Our expertise in domestic violence, advocacy, community involvement, social reintegration and peace building, are designed to facilitate the work and provide knowledge in workshops, training and conferences to help local service providers in their efforts to support survivors domestic violence and promote healthy relationships.


WWC offers workshops and training on a wide range of topics related to the prevention of violence and promoting healthy relationships. We offer more educational opportunities for the domestic violence service providers:

Training topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Education of healthy relationships with young people
  • Trauma / Protecting victims
  • Laws against violence and protection orders
  • Domestic violence (laws, sources and references)
  • Social reintegration and peace building
  • Women's rights
  • Implementation / Project Management

Contact us if you want to ask a seminar or training in your organization!