About WWC

Women's Wellness Center (WWC) non-governmental organization

Center for Women's Wellness - Safe House

Women's Wellness Center (WWC) is a non-governmental organization working in the Pec region. Center for Women's Wellness Center (WWC) was opened in November 1999 in collaboration with the women of the local community to ensure a safe and confidential environment in which women, the violence survivors in the family can receive counseling on health needs, social, educational, psychological, legal and social.
WWC is registered as a local NGO in May 2001 and opened a safe house in December 2002.
We are a source of refuge for thousands of women and children who experience domestic violence in the Pec region. Women's Wellness Center offers support and services for housing and education, advocacy and leadership to form a nonviolent future for women and children.
We collaborate with various institutions to approach women and children quality services and free.

What is abuse ?

Every couple has arguments or disagreements. In a respectful and equal relationship, both partners feel free to express their opinions, make their own decisions

But this does not happen when someone is abusive. In an abusive relationship, one partner tries to dominate the other through physical harm, criticism, demands, threats, or sexual pressure. For the victim and her children, this behavior can be very dangerous, scary, confusing and harmful.

Psychological or emotional abuse can be just as damaging as physical abuse. Abuse in a relationship is never acceptable, regardless of the circumstances, and it is never the victim's fault. The abuse is not caused by alcohol, stress or the victim's behavior. Abuse occurs because the abuser wants to control and manipulate the other person. Physical and sexual assaults, threats and stalking are crimes and can be reported to the police.

My family and friends did not think it was "so bad" because he only hit me physically once. But the flaws and manipulations were much worse, the way he controlled my life.

Why not just leave?

It can be hard to understand why someone would stay in a relationship if it was being treated so badly. Removing it may seem like a simple solution. You may think that abuse is partly her fault because she decides with him, or that she is weak or fat if she stays.

Është e vështirë të imagjinohet se si është keqtrajtuar kur nuk jeni vetë në situatë. Nga jashtë, mund të duket më lehtë të largohet nga sa është me të vërtetë. Mund të jetë shumë e vështirë të largohet nga një partner abuziv. Kjo është një gjë e rëndësishme për miqtë dhe familjen për të kuptuar.

How can I help you?

The most important thing to do is to listen without judging, respecting her decisions and helping her find ways to become stronger and more confident. Listen to what she has to say. Believe her that she tells you.Take abuse seriously. Abuse can be physically and emotionally damaging. Do not underestimate the risk she may be in. Tell her what you think she has been brave enough to be able to talk about abuse and be able to continue despite the abuse. Help build her confidence in herself. Help her understand that abuse is not her fault and that no one deserves to be abused, no matter what they do. Let her know that the way her partner is treating her is wrong. For example, "No one, not even your husband, has the right to mistreat"

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