Campaigns WWC

We are a source of refuge for thousands of women and children who experience domestic violence in the Pec region. Women's Wellness Center offers support and services for housing and education, advocacy and leadership to form a nonviolent future for women and children.

The Center for Women's Wellness.

QMG, Since 2001 has manifested the International Day Against Violence Against Women November 25 to 16 days sundries activities on 10 December the International Day of Human Rights.

This November, we call on everyone to support us in #Stepup campaign, November is the month of awareness for domestic violence. Every year we organize various campaigns of the International Day of Human Rights on 25 November. Every year our campaign focuses on ways that individuals, local communities and businesses can help prevent domestic violence.

Do you take courage and strength and will join us to raise campaign and to help raise funds to prevent domestic violence in our communities?

We are all affected by domestic violence and it is the responsibility of everyone in our community to promote safety, respect and accountability. Join us to raise awareness and promote a conversation about healthy relationships and against domestic violence!

Women's Wellness Center, works to end domestic violence. The first step to end violence against women prevention

"May I become at all times, now and always: Protector of those who have no protection. Leader of those who have lost their way. Ships that can not cross the oceans. Bridge for irreversible rivers. Shelters for those who run the risk. Kindle for those who have no light. A hostel for the one who needs shelter. And servant of those who need help. "Buddhist Prayers

WWC is part of the campaign #STEPUP