WWC's project

Housing for women and children victims of domestic violence:

The provision of appropriate services in referral and accommodation for victims of domestic violence provision of counseling, psycho-social support, legal aid, health, various courses and occupational therapy for victims of domestic violence within the housing (including food, clothing, hygiene, medications, etc.) Providing residential services to protect victims of domestic violence and victims of trafficking. Provide counseling, psycho-social support, medical and legal support This project is supported by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare

Promoting reproductive health and mental health:

Education and promotion of reproductive and mental health of vulnerable groups in the community of women, Albanian, Serbian, Roma, Ashkali, WWC Egyptians will work to promote, protect and improve the health of women in the shelter and community offering, counseling psychosocial, lectures on reproductive health and family planning, presentations for vulnerable RAE groups on sanitation and immunization, training on trauma therapy, with institutions that work with these groups. This project is supported by: Ministry of Health

Capacity Building and Cultural Activities of Ethnic Women in Pec, Istok and Kline

We support informal groups of women to support minority communities to re-integrate and enhance dialogue between the majority and minority communities. Project supports the active participation of the three municipalities of Pec, Klina and Istok, which will contribute to the improvement of service delivery systems and efficient advancement of community needs and priorities. capacity building project for conflict resolution and social reintegration, gender equality and human rights, project cycle management and business plans; This project is supported by the CDF through USAID

Supporting Victims of GBV through Economic Interventions

This project aims at expanding the supporting domestic violence/GBV victims through income generation activities and providing unemployed women with a job opportunity can be better achieved. More specifically, this project aims at: Increasing the production of honey; Establishing a sweets-making production based on honey and not on more commonly used sugar; Widening commercial network in the local market to sell honey, whole meal bread and traditional honey sweets. This project is supported by the: CARITAS KOSOVA

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